PLEASE NOTE:  the Auction will take place at the Cow Palace again this year instead of the Calouri Pavilion.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE:  Due to unforeseen circumstances, the consignor from Quebec will not be coming to the sale this year.

All vehicles consigned to the sale to date are presented on this page. Please click on the link to see available photos and details of each entry.

Annual Sale Entry Form (General) (pdf)


Steel Wheels and Axels

Wagon Box


Horse Drawn Equipment

Hay Wagon


Wagon Box Bolster Springs

Walking Plows

Wagon Parts

Pony Rubber Tired Wagon

Gang Plow

Doctor’s Buggy

Reversible Plow

Pony Plow

John Deere Plow

Cockshutt Manure Spreader

Vintage Bobsleigh

Sleigh Shaves