2012 Foals Eligible to Enter the 2014 Futurity

Horse’s Name Owner’s Name
Duhaimes Tanner Duhaimes Belgians
Ry-Mar Bonnie Krebsies Belgians
Mundies Desiree Drew Mundie
Entry 1 Bill Prins
Entry 2 Bill Prins
Entry 3 Bill Prins
B & M Never Ever Tom Brooks
 Creek Side Xenos Tom Lane
 Creek Side Xaria  Rae-Ann Lane
 Gardiner’s Lady Emily  Brent Gaume
Westerdale Sweet Saphire Jessica Branch
Westerdale Sweet Maggie May Jessica Branch
Evergreen Aces Patrick RD Campbell
Riverside Lady Selena Gordon & Fay Campbell
Willow Way Mhorita Wes Gordeyko
Wildwood Silver Treasure Michael Hill
Wildwood Majestic Flicka Michael Hill
Entry 1 Michael Hill
Calico Janet May Keven & Tammy Pelonero
Calico Jingles Kevin & Tammy Pelonery
 Seven Hills Sasha  Mark & Natalie Hill
Kirby Farms Ranger Bailey/Roy
Platte Valleys Nicks Repeat Offender David Bailey
Paramount Stylish Lucy David Bailey
Eaglesfield Nicole B & C Coleman
Double T Annie Keven Graham
Point Black Larkin Chris & Cathy Laycock
Golden Willow Whistler A & D Loomis
Lucasia Zodiac Lucasia Ranches
Anderson’s Pimlico Lucasia Ranches
SanLan Salsa Cam & Julie Roy
Trippcrest Daniel’s Dusty Gord & Shannon Ruzicka
Entry 1 Gord & Shannon Ruzicka
Maple West Justice James Don Strandquist
SanLan Veronica Cam Roy
Duhaimes Odie Duhaime’s Percherons
Maple West Jewel K & T Pelonero
 Windcharger STS Eli  D & M Campbell
 Gentle Giant Beamer  Larry Birchall