Foals Eligible to Enter the 2015 Futurity

Horse’s Name Owner’s Name
Krebsies Peg-a-Kiss Krebsies Belgians
Krebsies Brit Aurora Krebsies Belgians
Duhaimes Cole Duhaimes Belgians
B & M Lena Tom Brooks
Prins View Penny Mikayla Flint
Prins View Secret Bill Prins
Prins View Slim Bill Prins
Prins View Cranker Bill Prins
Prins View Tubo Bill Prins
Seven Hills Clover Maxine Campbell & Tim Awkland
Bud Ridge Highlander Tim and Carla Veenstra
Sandy Ridge Enforcer Tim and Carla Veenstra
Bellavista Tia Maria Jessica and Richard Branch
Entry 1 Jessica and Richard Branch
Rolling Hills Heaven Mark and Natalie Hill
Rolling Hills Gewel Mark and Natalie Hill
Entry 1 Roger LeClaire
Entry 2 Roger LeClaire
Willow Way Nova Wes Gordeyko
Willow Way Novella Wes Gordeyko
 Calico Kenzi  Kevin and Tammy Pelonero
 Riverside Royal Blossom  Gord and Faye Campbell
 Riverside Sir William  Gord and Faye Campbell
Lucasia Appolo Tracey and Blair Bickford
Luauricia Peggy Lynn Tracey and Blair Bickford
Golden Willow Willow A and D Loomis
Golden Willow Stetson A and D Loomis
SanLan Miles Cam Roy
SanLan Alyssa Cam Roy
Maple West Karbon Mike Grover
Paramount Flash Laet II Gord Ruzicka
Entry 1 Gord Ruzicka
Entry 2 Gord Ruzicka
Paramount Stylish Starla David Bailey
Pramount Cassadora David Bailey
Lauricia Parker Laurier Beaunoyer, B & C Coleman
Fleury’s Sir Monty B & C Coleman, Mike Fleury
Diamond Echo Hefner Meggin Phillips and Colton Roy
Lucasia Anita 13 Lucasia Ranch
 Windcharger Diva  D & M Campbell
 Metherington Upton Tara  D & M Campbell
 Windcharger PM Ross  Mark and Mike Hill
 Gladwin Janie  Gord and Fay Campbell
 Gentle Giant Rolex  Blake and Fran Anderson