Welcome to the Wild Rose Draft Horse Association

The Wild Rose Draft Horse Association (WRDHA) is a group of Draft Horse enthusiasts who banded together in 1994 with the goal of giving all Draft Horse enthusiasts in Alberta a strong presence.

Since that time the Association has become directly responsible for such worthwhile events as the Annual Draft Horse & Tack Sale held in Olds; Youth & 4-H clinics; The Futurity held in Ponoka; and Stanton’s Field Day held near Spruceview.  They also support the Youth in most Alberta Draft Horse Shows.

The Wild Rose Draft Horse Association welcomes members to bring forth projects subject for approval.  We welcome anyone with an interest in Draft Horses.  Please contact Membership Director and Secretary, Barb Stephenson @ 403-933-5765 or email  dbsteph@telusplanet.net

Wild Rose Draft Horse Association – Annual Sale – More information will be coming.

Wild Rose Draft Horse Association – ANNUAL 2021 MEMBERSHIP FORM




2021 Annual General Meeting

Due to the current Covid restrictions, we are unable to hold our AGM. Membership and Futurity forms are being sent out in the mail. If anyone has any questions, please contact one of the Directors. We will be posting any news that we have regarding the sale and our other draft horse events to keep everyone up to date on what is happening.
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