Wheelwright Items

  1. VSE/Pony cut-under buckboard. Comes with pole, but no shafts.  Pole must be modified to fit. Pictures attached.
  2. Completed Wheels:
    1. One pair 26” with rubber tires
    2. One pair 32” with rubber tires
    3. One pair 39” with rubber tires
    4. One pair 44” with rubber tires
    5. One pair 44” with rubber tires and drum brakes
    6. Two pair 38” with steel rims – rubber tires to be attached
  3. Stretcher to attach rubber tires to wheels.
  4. Body for piano box buggy (pony size).  Picture attached.
  5. Two axles with Sarven hubs (to be restored).
  6. Toledo springless duplex scale (picture attached).
  7. Shop built hub clamp for mounting spokes.
  8. Two boxes of miscellaneous Sarven hubs; bearings; parts
  9. One box of miscellaneous bridles and harness parts
  10. One buggy pole – incomplete