Brian Coleman shares his knowledge while judging a Youth Decorating Class.

Brian Coleman, Eaglesfield Percherons of Didsbury, Alberta, has accepted an invitation to judge Clydesdales, Percherons and Shires at 2014 Royal Easter Show. He is the first Canadian horseman ever to receive this invitation. Australia’s national livestock show, the the Royal Easter Show is held at Sydney.


Raised on a farm west of Didsbury on a farm that worked Belgian horses, Coleman is widely respected for his expertise as a horseman. First employed by Audrey Turner, Stony Creek Percherons of Cremona, Alberta, as a teenager, Coleman fielded her Percheron hitch across Western Canada. He has never looked back.


Successful Percheron breeders, Brian and his wife, Colleen Colleen, have won signal honours with their Eaglesfield Percherons. Their celebrated black, High Hope Heather, was World Champion Mare at Brandon’s 2004 World Percheron Show, where she topped 199 registered females from seven provinces and thirteen states.


Brian Coleman, an Alberta draft horse judge with international recognition.

Horsemen across North America employ the Colemans to break, school, fit, shoe¬† and show their Belgian, Clydesdale, Percheron or Shire horses. Their client’s horses fill the Eaglesfield stable.


Show horses stabled at Eaglesfield are worked about the farm each day. Broke to perfection, they are hard as nails with the wind of a greyhound. Since leaving school, Coleman has wheeled champion turnouts for Prins View Belgians of Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta; Glenview Clydesdales of Harrisville, Michigan; Greenwood Clydesdales of Richmond, Michigan; Strawberry Lane Percherons of Oconomoc, Wisconsin; Black Hollow Percherons of Mitchell, Nebraska; Cedarfarm Percherons of Ann Arbor, Michigan and Heart Mountain Shires of Powell, Wyoming. He has wheeled World Champion Sixes at Calgary; Royal Champion Sixes at Toronto; a World Champion Clydesdale Six at Madison and a National Percheron Show Six at Indianapolis.


Coleman had charge of Pat McMahan’s celebrated 2S Clydesdale Stud at Schulenburg, Texas, for two years. Employed by Joe Ricketts, founder and CEO of Ameritrade, Coleman assembled this American financier’s Jackson Fork Ranch Six Horse Hitch of Percheron Mares, which won countless wins while shown in his hands.


A judge in demand throughout North America, Brian Coleman’s popular hands-on clinics are a further testament to his skill as a horseman.